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You have a great idea...
but do your users understand it?

It could be a product, a site, or an app. You might be developing the Next Big Thing. Lucid Fox helps bridge the gap between real users and beautiful code, reducing support tickets, improving reviews, and giving you more time to do what you love best.

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Wait, what is UX again?

The User Experience (UX) is, simply, how a user experiences a product or service. The term is used often to describe a methodology which puts the user's needs first when designing and developing a product or service.



Test & Iterate

Nicholas Dionysopoulos of Akeeba Backup

Working with Lucid Fox has been an absolute delight. They helped us confirm usability issues we knew existed and discovered plenty more we had no idea about. The client feedback we received on the UX-improved version of Akeeba Backup has been unanimously and overwhelmingly positive – a pleasantly surprising first in the ten years of our product's life.

The improvements suggested by Lucid Fox contributed to a 20% increase in Akeeba Backup sales compared to the same month of the previous year.

- Nicholas Dionysopoulos, Akeeba Ltd.

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