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Let us help you be a force for good.

Lucid Fox is a dynamic web design and development agency. We can help your nonprofit organization change the world with a compelling website that puts people first.

Our Mission as a Web Design Agency for Nonprofits

We use a holistic approach to build your website from the ground up. From day one, we will work with you to create an impactful site that is accessible to all, sustainable for the environment, backed by user research, and supports a diverse and inclusive audience.

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What makes us different

Lucid Fox is a web design and development agency that specializes in building sites for nonprofit organizations. We know how to make sure your site will resonate with your constituents through our experience and by following industry best-practices. Learn more about our process here.

Backed By Research

Every project includes a thorough User Experience research phase where we communicate directly with your supporters. By doing so, we uncover goals and struggles that might otherwise go undiscovered. This informs us how to create your website and make sure it will meet the needs of your audience.

Custom-Built Sites

Your website is built from scratch, every time. We never try to force your nonprofit organization’s web needs into a generic template. There are many benefits to this approach, some of which include page speed, usability, SEO, and more. Your Content Management System will be easy to use and we offer ongoing support.

Our values

Beyond our comprehensive technical approach, we believe that people are the most important piece to any project. Here are our values as a web design and development agency.

People come first.

We place a strong focus on building ethical, human-centered sites. We have a responsibility to your consumers to provide an accessible experience so that it’s ADA compliant and provides an equivalent experience to all people. Your supporters’ privacy will also be protected because we limit tracking and tools to what is absolutely necessary, and we make sure your site is GDPR- and CCPA-compliant.

Diversity and Inclusion.

Diversity fuels our spirit. Our mission is to help you show commitment to community stability, mobility, and inclusiveness within the diverse constituents you serve. We help you close the diversity gap by positioning your organization to be inclusive. This helps you connect authentically with your community, and appeals to potential donors and partners.


The sites we make are created with a low carbon footprint to help with sustainability, which helps shape a better world for future generations. We make sure to plant trees for every website we build to help offset the carbon footprint of the project, and we are also a business member of One Percent for the Planet, meaning we donate 1% of our annual revenue to environmental organizations.

Prioritize Open Source.

Whenever possible, we use and recommend open-source software. These open-source tools are free, maintained by good-hearted volunteers, and will help your nonprofit operate at the high standards that people expect today from companies and organizations.

About Lucid Fox

Lucid Fox was founded in 2014 with the intention of providing digital consulting, but in time has pivoted to focus on building highly-custom websites for nonprofits. We help organizations be a force for good with stunning websites. By improving your web presence, we know you’ll have more time to focus on your programs and serving your communities.

Crystal Dionysopoulou, Creative Director & Founder

Crystal is the Creative Director and Founder of Lucid Fox. She draws on years of experience as a UX designer and front-end developer to guide the creation of the perfect website for your organization from start to finish. She always takes a people-first approach and is a very positive person with a can-do attitude. Beyond creative direction, she handles UX research, strategy, and development for every website project.

Our trusted partners

Jenn Palandro, Copywriter

Jenn is our go-to copywriter for all digital writing needs. She quickly and efficiently turns around conversion copy for websites, email campaigns, social media marketing, landing pages, and more. She believes that outstanding copy can shape a relationship between an organization and its constituents.

Lekeshia Angelique, DE&I Consultant

Lekeshia is a life and business coach, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) consultant, and heart-centered entrepreneur. She has worked for one of the most diverse organizations in the world and coaches organizations large and small on the importance of diversity and inclusion to their success and scalability.

Angela Violino, Designer & Illustrator

Angie is our Branding & Visual Communication consultant. She has helped companies and organizations improve their communications materials and brands both online and offline. She is a reliable and motivated person who believes that a picture is worth a 1000 words and can move people in an emotional way.

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Kind words from previous clients:

"Crystal from Lucid Fox nailed my design perfectly! She took my idea and ran with it! She was easy to work with and great with communication. She even asked about the history to my non-profit foundation and what my logo meant to me. I feel that bit of info helped her get exactly what I wanted! She gets 5 stars from me! Hope to do some more business with her in the future!"

Lizy Tenorio, Cofounder of LOLA (Lake Oconee Latino Association)

"We had a functional, but outdated and unsupported website. Making changes was cumbersome and often altered the look of each page. Some changes were not even possible. The Lucid Fox team listened closely to our needs and delivered a website that is easy to navigate, rich with information, user-friendly, and simple to update. We are thrilled with our new website and grateful for our partnership with Crystal and Lucid Fox. "

Aimee Lam, Executive Director of Literacy Volunteers of Somerset County